The below articles is a must read for everyone, be you a citizen of any nation, a member of an association or family. The message i am about sharing will change our lives and perception about name forever and deliver us front falling victim to wrong perception about names. So, don’t atop reading until you get to the end of this article.
I want to begin by saying that nothing distinguishes a thing from a thing or a person from a person, a place, from a place, etc like name.
Name is a means of identification. Trees are known not only by their fruits; but by their names. Cars are known not only by their models; but by their names. Places are known not only by their geographical locations but by their names. Persons are known only by their facial outlooks, marks etc; but by their names. Animals are not only known by their designs, but also by their names. Rivers are known by their sources; but by their names, political parties are not only known by their members and logos but by their names, churches are not only known by their structures but also by their names, and the list continues.
2nd voice ever heard on the earth was the voice of man. God brought all His creatures before Adam to see what he can call it and whatever he calls a thing, heaven and the earth agreed that that should be the name, be it creeping things, mammals, human, etc, see Genesis Chapter 2:19-20. With this, you can understand that God wants things to be known or identified by name and man should know that too.


Believe it or not, names has a lot to do with one’s destiny and purpose on the earth. God knows the power in names no wonder He changes one’s name to befit His purpose for such a person’s life. He changed Abram and Sarai’s names to Abraham and Sarah in order to suit His purpose for their lives. Some Men equally understands the power in name that through the power of prayers they moves God to reverse every negative effects names they were given had on them, others too make a renaming. Jabez moved God to reverse the effects of his name against his life through prayers, see 1 Chronicles 4:9-10. Companies too knows about the power in name, no wonder the embraces the concept of re-branding.
Not only God understands the power behind names, Satan understands that too. That is why most men and even the church are even ignorant that name is a device Satan also uses or works with to create division among nations, tribes, a people, communities, etc. Satan works through names to create selfishness, terrorism, suffering and struggling, hatred, and even hinders our nation and the kingdom of God from advancing, etc. And little did the church know about this truth. And had it been men knows about this truth, fighting, marginalization, terrorism, brutality, nepotism, corruption, hatred, racism, racial abuses, accumulation of wealth, etc cannot be.
What is democrat? What is republican? What is APC? What is PDP? All of the above are names of political parties in some nations of the world. What is Catholics? What is charismatic? What is protestants? What is Pentecostals? All of the above are christian denominations in every nation of the world? So, why are political parties against each other? Why are churches not supporting each other? Reason be they have names to protect. And because you don’t belong to an umbrella, you have to forget about getting supports to actualize your dream or get jobs, helps, etc from a body, group or association .


Until we come to realized that every tribe and tongue are one, we will continue to be used by the devil through some higher influences to fight one another because there is a name and interest they want protected among groups, nations, communities and families.
Until the church comes to the knowledge of the truth about the devil using the power in name to hinder the kingdom of God from advancing, we will just continue to pursue and promote CHURCH OR DENOMINATIONAL GROWTH instead of KINGDOM GROWTH, Nations won’t just be pursuing national growth and development but universal growth and development.
Human need to be developed and not just church or organization buildings. Lives need to be touched and not just our structures or edifices.
This day, no political party wants to sponsor someone credible and gifted in the area of leadership that is not in their party, no church wants to support another minister’s vision and missions because he or she is not under their umbrella or because he never shares same class,  geographical location or colour of skin  with you. No wonder, Gods kingdom and purpose on the earth is not making much progress and Nations not progressing as she ought to.
Every church or ministry wants to occupy every street, buy every house including the one a young and poor ministry is occupying and they are happy they are making advancement and also that a young ministers ministry closes up. And the better they can do is to ask him or her to close up and join them. That’s absolutely wrong! Devil is happy about the move of such wickedness; and he knows God won’t happy about it; because His course, cause and kingdom is not moving as it ought to. Church have to repent from this!
Political parties, companies, communities and families are not exceptional. They rather run others that poses as threats to them down than to allow them progress. They rather frustrate smaller companies than to let them make an inch of progress. They rather empower the people in their community or family than empowering an outsider. To them, other can go to hell and let them alone or their family members go to heaven.
The apostles fought against names issue when an issue came up in food distribution among the brethren. They fought against class and gender issues too. So whether you are of circumcision or not, a Jew or Gentile, male or female, bond or free, non of that matters rather being in Christ. Although we are many and of different races but the truth of the matter and their focus was that we are ONE BODY and we have to understand that and make oneness our focus and pursuit.
Take note of this!
When a part of the body is suffering, others feels it too. So, why are we rejoicing at the downfall of others? Today, we can see in our society and even on social media people laughing at other people befallen by one calamity or the other. We can see posting and comments on the social media where people mock at those living in choice place in Nigeria who were victims of flood and other natural disaster. This shows we lack human feelings and compassion for suffering ones; all because the devil has stolen our hearts through wrong concept about names of locations or classes of people. We see families and people who are suffering and we take our eyes away from them and our hands from extending to help out, all because we don’t share same family name with thwm, etc. And even among families, it is also evident we don’t help each other because we are after our own name or making name for ourselves. No wonder God frustrated the building of the Tower of Babel because all they embarked on was climaxed with making names for themselves on the earth, see Genesis 11.
I want to conclude with this, It is high time we drop our name differences and chat one course even as citizens of our great nation and the members of the body of Christ.  Take note of this: Same individuals that asks you to fight each other to protect names and individualistic or group interests also come together to wine and dine, while we keep arguing among ourselves and fighting each other. So, who are they deceiving? It is you and I? Wrong concept about names must be dropped and we must embrace each other as one people, see our resources are one and for all. And with this, we can live in peace and harmony, share our wealth/resources/ideas/intelligence without segregation and sentiment. With this also, we will support progress, development and unity.
Lastly, the spirit of intimidation, domination, corruption, amassing of public funds, rebellion, terrorism, competition and rivalry can never go until we drop the negative concept about names.
I pray God open our eyes to this truth….
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