Psalm 37:40  “And the LORD shall help them, and deliver them: he shall deliver them from the wicked, and save them, because they trust in him.”



To trust in God is to put confidence in Him. It is to put one’s faith in God. When one puts trust in God, he rests his reliance on God. When one puts his trust in God, he puts his dependence in Him.

Nothing happens for nothing they said, and that is true with God.

God does things with reasons. He never created anything without a reason(s) neither do He do things without reasons.


If you look at the above text, you could see things God said He should do for the Just and these include: help them, deliver them, and deliver them from the wicked and save them.

Looking at why God should do all of the above for the just, He said, “….because they trusted Him.” Wow! “….because they trusted Him.”

If the above are things God does for those that trust in Him, why not put your trust in Him and watch how He will help you, deliver you, deliver you from the wicked and also, save you.


It is trust that you need to provoke God to manifest His power to help, deliver and save on your behalf.  If you have begun to trust Him, pray the below prayer points:



1) I receive the grace to constantly trust in God in Jesus name.

2) Because I trust in you O Lord, help me in every area of my life where there is no one to help in Jesus name.

3) Because I trust in you, deliver me from every trouble that is bigger than me in Jesus name.

4) Because I trust in you, deliver me, my family, my finances, my ministry, my business from the wicked in Jesus name.

5) Because I trust in you O Lord, save me from any power that have come to disgrace me in Jesus name.


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