The word ADVERSITY means trouble, challenge, problem, tribulation, persecution, etc.

Mostly, we don’t like to go through it. But they surely comes to us. Sometimes we want to avoid them still they comes to us. Other times, we are afraid to go through. We cut corner not to go through it because we lack the complete knowledge if adversity.


Friend, don’t be afraid to go through adversity, this is because; it is:

* Opportunity to succeed for those who have sound mind.

* A tool in the hand of God to shape your character for enviable destiny

* Divine navigator for non stop achievements

* The furnace that brings out the best in you.

* The miner that unearth great potentials in you

* Powerful enough to make you and dangerous enough to mar you if you lack sound mind

* God’s tool for dream fulfillment.

* Satan works through adversity to intimidate you but God works through it to get you intimated with Him.

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